May 11, 2005

pointless entry

arghhh... but i'm getting over it.
i'm not as devastated as i was yesterday - even though on monday i was sure i'd have the bike today at the latest (and was hoping to god they'd finish early)

so where am i now? a day closer to who knows when. my calf still hurts, so running is out - hiking would be ok but it's still too early since my last run to risk it (pounding on the downhills would be a biatch)

so today i didn't exercise and instead cooked a potroast - and the portion i ate was delicious. alex is at a party in the city coming home until about 9pm tonight, so i'm by myself here this evening, until i get the call to pick her up in harrison, 40 minutes away. the baby is sleeping at the moment, i just finished recording my brother's radio show, and now i'm sitting here wishing i could be riding the bike right now. so instead, i posted a blog entry. glad to share it with you.

friday i'm going skiing, and it'll likely be my last day this season. i need to put in a good long roadtrip.. maybe to the upper midwest to pick up highpoints. right now i'm thinking of going from buffalo through ontario to sault ste marie, and hitting the highpoints of MI (which is on the UP), WI, then up to MN (which is on the northeast fringes of the state). Then, depending on the time, I'll go even further west and tack off ND, SD, NE and maybe Kansas. Then I want come back, doing IA, IL, IN, and OH. So what is that? 10 highpoints in one trip? that wouldn't be bad.. it would only leave 10 states east of the rockies that I'd still need - Northern New England, plus Alabama which I'll pick up next time I'm in Atlanta, Virginia which is just a matter of a weekend roadtrip, and then Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, and Missouri. And of course, all of the western states.. the big ones that can't be ticked off so easily..

you see? I was going to keep writing, but it just occurred to me I haven't thought about that damn bike in the last ten minutes while writing that paragraph and planning!

highpointing is good for your sanity. rizzo, where are you?! lets go!

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