May 14, 2005

friday ski report..

the snow was awesome at 11:00am..
the weather was beautiful, too..

my boots hurt again today for some reason.. like severe pain again and I don't know why - I was only able to ski one run.. boot pain sucks.

may 13th, 2005: 500 miles of driving roundtrip - 8 hours - 1 ski run.
hell yeah it was worth it.

(if you don't understand why, you never will)

anyway, its time to hang up the skis and get psyched for summer.. going to ride that new bicycle until my calf heals, then run and ride the bike until i've got a 36" waist. I already bought a pair of pants in 36"..

"but steve, 36" is too small for you!"

back in 1999, I went on a fitness program and the results were amazing. I was down to a 42" waist and didn't look half bad.. but here's the deal - even at 42" I was still over 300 lbs. I should probably be below 250lbs.. hence the 36" pants I own.. and as a way to motivate myself I have said that I won't drink any beer (or other alchohol) until I'm down to a 36.

So in the fall when I'm in better shape, I'm going to go to the pro shoe-fitter that alex goes to and where I bought my running shoes from (forget the store I bought the boots from - I totally got a vibe that he doesn't care). This guy is good. Really good. Hopefully he'll be able to stretch out the boot a little so that the pain stops - and make me a footbed with arch support (where the pain is). This guy is the best, he's extremely experienced (made over 30,000 footbeds) but more importantly he actually gives a shit about his customers - and will jump through hoops for them.

he also holds the world record for the fastest crossing of the united states by foot.
his web site is

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