May 15, 2005

greets to jim breuer

listen here

hey we're all feeling really good.
and this is what you should do when you're hanging out with friends.
the wife's not home..
someone's watching the kids right now..
and this is called being productive.
you get to talk - talk about whatever you want in life!
you can talk about the politics,
why i hate this one i like that,
i stand on this i stand on that,
i don't get paid enough,
i don't do this,
i need to see a therapist,
i need to go here,
why do all of that?
you know what they used to call therapists in the old days?
people that love you.
people that you love,
no matter how disfunctional they are in life.
my family's fucked up - no shut up pete - i'm being serious.
i've had people in jail.
i've lost people to fucking death.
why do we gotta take life so fucking seriously?
every day!
back off man!
because today, we're hanging out.
and i hope you brought the goods.
and i hope you aren't a faggot and you get offended everytime you fuckin..
"did you just say that?"
yes we did!
because that's what you do when you're with loved ones - friends and family.
you say things that may be a little offensive.
that's called talking.
getting to know people.
and you may cross the border but you know what?
we'll acknowledge it, maybe we'll apologize.
we don't want to hurt anyone,
we're just here to get by this life like you faggot.
so relax.
lets just hang out,
and have a good time today
i hope you're with people that are cool.

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