Jun 29, 2006

superman returns..

I'm sorry. I guess I just can't get used to anybody besides Margot Kidder playing Lois Lane. Kate Bosworth is a good actress - but she wasn't playing Lois Lane. She was playing a character who didn't have any of the same mannerisms or character traits of the Margot Kidder Lois Lane.

And come on! If Brandon Routh is going to play Clark Kent, he's gotta be a lot clumsier than that!!

Now Kevin Spacey was an amazing Lex Luthor. Unbelievable. But even in this case, it was just wrong when someone other than Gene Hackman plays Lex Luther.. Or maybe it was the absense of "...the greatest criminal mind..." quote.

And I guess that's the point.. I'm used to old characters.

There is an exception though. Jimmy Olson (the photographer on the daily planet) was played by Sam Huntington.. and Sam really did come across like the Jimmy Olson of the Chris Reeve movies.

I did like the movie. It's always cool to see new superman tricks, even if the story is meh (it was) and if the characters seemed fake (they did). Best part of the movie were the effects. Coolest effect of the movie was a small one - a bad guy shoots superman with a handgun at point blank range - right into superman's left eyeball - and the entire screen is zoomed in on that eyeball with the bullet flattening on it in slow-motion. I could watch that over and over.

Oh, and they did a sequence of Krypton's explosion. Definitely a different type of planetary explosion than we're used to seeing.. it was cool.

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