Jun 25, 2006

Trinity Softball - still undefeated.

Following is the text of an email I just sent to the softball team:

Hi everyone!
I was thrilled to log on to the web site and see that we defeated Tasti-D-Lite. In my mind, they were an unknown. They were 2-0, but their wins were to some pretty good teams. I'm very happy about our win because it looks like we're coming off the hardest part of our schedule.

So if any of you have a mind like mine, you're wondering if we have a chance to go undefeated for the rest of the season. I did an in-depth look at the rest of our schedule and have come up with the following "scouting report" for the teams we have left:

On Thursday, we'll play M&K. They're 2-4. They've lost to TD Tigers (who we beat), The Blue Star Jets (Who we destroyed), Imclone (a 5-4 team). They've beat the Rockerfeller Rascals (a 3-1 team in our division), I can't find their other two games - But from what I can tell, they've had a rough schedule. Let's not write them off.

Then we'll play the STV Sluggers - 3-3. They edged by Doherty's (2-3), and beat Ur-ine trouble (4-2) back in April, plus they beat partsearch (0-3-1) this month. Their losses are to Scrubs (4-1), Linden Travel (5-3), and the Rockefeller Rascals(3-1). The appear to be a respectable team, but have only beat 1 team that has a winning record at this point.

After that it's FFTW. They're 5-2. Wins are to Imclone (5-4), Arup (1-4, we beat them in Game 2), Children's Apparel (2-4), 8-ball (1-5, we beat them in game 1), and Infringers (1-4). They were destroyed 18-1 by doherty's (2-3), back in April. They've also lost to Ur-ine trouble (4-2). So while they have a good record, it looks like they've had an easy schedule - and don't seem too hard to beat.

Then, Doherty's - 2-3. They have a losing record, but remember, this is the team that destroyed FFTW. They're other win was an 18-0 shutout against the infringers (1-4). Losses are to Ur-Ine trouble (4-2), STV Sluggers(3-3), and Ogilvy Red Storm (5-2). They lose to good teams, but when they win, they win big. We should definitely give this team some respect.

Partsearch - 0-3-1 (a tie). They've not won a single game. The tie was to Children's Apparel (2-4). Looks like our easiest game of the season.

Scrubs, who are 4-1. Scary record, but they've had a pretty easy schedule so far. Their loss was to the Blue Star Jets, who we defeated 17-1, two weeks ago. Wins are to Partsearch (0-3-1), STV Sluggers (3-3) (huge game for them, the score was 22 to 6), Serenity Now (1-5) (another big game, they won 15-2), and Linden Travel (5-3), probably their most difficult opponent and they won by just two runs.

Ok, that said, what would the stats geek on those other teams say about us?

Trinity (6-0). This undefeated team looks to be the real challenge of our season. They started out against some weaker teams. Their first game was to 8-Ball (1-5). Then they played ARUP (1-4). After that, they played the TD Tigers (4-1) and handed them their only defeat. Their next game was an 18-1 route of the Blue-Star Jets (2-4), and then they defeated Urbitran, (1-5, but are in division 2.) Their last game was against Tasti-D-Lite (2-1), and they've given them their only loss as well. They're coming off the hardest part of their schedule and will want to complete the season undefeated. I want to see everyone come out to the game against them, because we're going to need you. If we can beat Trinity, all of our other losses will be negated as far as I'm concerned. They're a good team and we really need to show up if we're going to be competive.

Update on my shoulder.
On Friday, I was worried. I couldn't even reach the gear shift in my car, and was using my left hand for just about every activity. I kept comparing myself to a friend who had to have shoulder surgery after a seemingly benign ski accident two years ago.. But Saturday, it was a little better, and today it's starting to behave like normal again. It still hurts to throw, even lightly. The improvement is definitely continuing, however, and I'm happy to say that if this improvement continues, I'll be ready to play catcher again by thursday. Very happy about that.


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