Jul 27, 2006

3 miles yesterday, 3 miles this morning

Yesterday I ran 3 miles. I found myself in Westhampton beach attending to my wife's mother's broken arm, and I decided to go out for a run while I was there. From the house to Dune road is about a mile and a half, so my run to the beach and back was a perfect 3 miles.

I hate Long Island. It was a nice flat run, but the drivers there are assholes. When running on the roads here, I don't have drivers screaming at me to run on the sidewalk (for the record, large runners especially should need to run on low-impact surfaces as much as possible, and asphalt happens to be significantly softer than concrete. If I were to run on sidewalks, I'd have knee problems within a month. So I run on the street, and give a friendly bird to the assholes who tell me to get off the road.

Today I ran 3 miles and walked a mile. My run was at a new place for me - Nyack Beach State Park, which is just over the hill from my normal running spot, Rockland Lake SP. It's a cool place to run - 300-ft cliffs on one side of you, the hudson river on the other side. There is nothing between you and the river.. great views of the tappan zee br to the south.

The problem with this run is that it goes steeply uphill after 1 1/4 miles to join with a road at Rockland Lake. There is probably a good 300 feet of gain in a half-mile. I ran up it as far as I could, but turned around before getting to the top (because I didn't know how far it was to the top). Turns out that I was less than a football field away from the top - I just couldn't see it because it was around the bend.

The run uphill was so strenuous that I walked all the way down and maybe half of the flat portion back to the car. It was about 4 miles total that I travelled.. but since I ran 3, that's what I'm giving myself credit for.

one of these days, for a long run, I'm going to go up this hill, then go around rockland lake, then back over the hill and to my car. That's going to be a hell of a workout.


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