Jul 11, 2006

3 miles

I went over to Rockland Lake this afternoon expecting to run 6 miles. I started out and ran the first 1/2 mile at the 6 mile pace. But clouds were looming, and when I could hear thunder even though my headphones were on high, I knew I better kick it into high gear. Now it's not the rain that bothers me when I'm running - I run with a zip-loc back in my pocked in case I need to keep the ipod dry. It's electrical storms that bother me. I don't react well when struck by lighting, and it doesn't help that my running path has tree cover much of the way. So I made the executive decision at that point to run 3 hard miles instead of 6 easy miles, though to me 6 easy is harder than 3 hard. Anyway, I finished in 33, and it looks like I still won't be able to reach the the long-term 3 miles in 30 minute goal at the 5k I have coming up on Saturday (which is actually 3.1 miles). Still, it was good training and at the 5K I will try to maintain the 10 minute per mile pace. We'll see. Temperature was hot and humid, but the breeze blown in by the storm cooled it considerably. Energy was good, in part because I ate plenty of calories before the run in the form of spaghetti squash, corn, and a morning nutrition shake.

By the way, the rain started about one minute after I finished.


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