Jul 14, 2006

6 miles

Yesterday I went on a 6-mile run. It was great.

An hour before the run, I had a bowl of macaroni that was pretty good sized by most people's standards. I ate it for energy, but it probably was more than I needed. I felt weighed down for the first couple of miles - but when that passed, I was ok. After the first 3-mile lap I wasn't even breathing hard - but that's ok for the long runs. I created a new playlist on my ipod for these long runs.. and at about 3 3/4 miles Master of Puppets came on.. which caused me to pick up my pace significantly. Then Toxicity. Then it was something else heavy metal. I remembered back to, when creating the playlist, thinking I would need some serious hard-core stuff this far into the workout. By mile 5 I was going at a good clip.. and I ended up finishing the run with a pretty good kick totally exhausted but feeling great.

The humidity had really dried up since the morning and it wasn't too hot either.. great run.

Tomorrow is the Teterboro Airport 5-K, where they shut down the airport for 30 minutes while a thousand runners cover the main runway. How cool is that?

In other news, they're making Rocky 6.
On the bright side, it couldn't be worse than Rocky 5..

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