Sep 16, 2006

3.5 miles

what an interesting run.

As posted earlier, I gave blood yesterday. Today, I went out to run.
I was hoping to run 6, but I wasn't expecting to.

I was cruising along ok when I stopped to take a leak at mile 1.5. As soon as I stopped, I felt a just a tad light-headed. I had already noticed that I was breathing a little harder than I should have after 20 minutes of easy running, but that is kind of what I was expecting. There were three rest days after tuesday's 15-miler, and I felt a tad tight, but no biggie. We had eaten a crummy lunch immediately before the run, so that had an effect. And I had forgotten my ipod at home, which makes a difference.

Anyway, the best way to describe it is if I had been running at 10,000 feet without acclimization. I got pooped early.
I bailed at mile 3.8 (writing 3.5 miles in my log) and watched some south park in the car while my wife and son played at a nearby playground. Time was about 45 minutes - not sure exactly.

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