Sep 20, 2006

ahh, that time of year..

somebody asked, "fall: how is it where you are?"

my response:
I'm getting my twice-annual "the season is changing" cold right now. never fails - once in the spring, once in the fall.
but damn do I love fall. It signals the end of the extended period without skiing (known as summer). no hot temperatures to deal with when running but, no ice to deal with either (yet).

i live somewhere between upstate NY and downstate NY. a few of the trees in harriman have changed - the big green hill has spots of red here and there. lows are around 50-60°, although areas a mere 200 miles north of here have already had a frost. soon, i'll start my weekly ritual of driving those 200 miles to ski.. and that makes me happy.

Ran three miles on Monday - It was a lactate threshold run, but I wasn't planning on that. I was planning on a 6-mile job, but I came out too fast and couldn't control my speed - for some reason, every time I slowed down, a minute later I was cruising again. So about halfway I said screw it, I'm doing a three mile LT run - to go for my 30 minute goal again. I keep failing, however: did it in 31 minutes.

Took yesterday off because of my cold, and while I still have a tickle, I need to run again. So I'll probably get 6 miles in later this afternoon.

This weekend, I'm running a 5K at Jones Beach, if anyone wants to come out. MY goal for the 3.1 mile race is 31 minutes.

Speaking of racing, there is a possibility that you'll see me here next year:
The Hood to Coast relay - a 195-mile footrace from Timberline to the Oregon coast. 1000 teams of 12 members, with each member running three legs.

needless to say, if I run, my team will not win. (:

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