Sep 24, 2006

sat: 5K PR, Sun: 2.5m recovery, Mon: 9 mile semi-LSD

I had the misfortune of spending the weekend out on long island, so I figured I would enter a race while I was out there. About all the was going on within a short driving distance was a 5K at Jones Beach, and so I entered.

Having run about 150 miles since my last 5k, I knew that I would easily get a personal record, the previous record being about 34:50 - so I entered with a more ambitious goal - run it in 31 minutes, a pace of 10 minutes per mile. Quite an ambitious goal. I didn't get it. There was a 25 mph headwind for the first half of the race - my first mile was 11:27. I didn't perceive an increase in pace - yet with a tailwind after the turnaround, I ran the second mile in 10:20. I must have run an 9:30/mile average pace for the last 1.1 miles.. which is extremely fast for me.

previous 5K PR was 34:50, placing 139th out of 163, run on April 17, 2005.

new 5K PR is 32:23 (I'm calling it 32:10 net), placing 117th out of 183, run on September 23, 2006.

I'm not too bummed about not hitting the goal - I had a decent run in crummy conditions, had an EXCELLENT kick, and broke my previous PR by 2½ minutes.

On Sunday night, after we got home from Long Island, I needed to go to the drug store - so instead of driving, I ran. Took a long way there, so my total was about 2½ miles of recovery running. Slow, easy pace the day after the 5K.

Today, I went to rockland lake and ran three laps - 9 miles. My time was 111 minutes, a 12:20 pace. It was a semi-long-distance run - I'm holding off on the real long runs (15 miles or longer) until I take a cardiopulminary stress test next week. So instead, this week I'm concentrating on putting "miles in the bank," by running distances like 9 miles - longer than normal, but not super-long. To enhance recovery and prepare my for a similar effort tomorrow, I took an ice bath after today's run. Holy shit - that sucked. I'll spare you the details.. suffice it to say I was screaming. When I got up though, my legs felt new. I hate it when something that totally sucks totally works.

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