Sep 26, 2006

4 miles

quick recovery run today after the 9 miler yesterday. Because of yesterday's ice bath, my legs felt really fresh. I wish I could say that about my wind. I got pretty tired relatively quickly. Anyway, I did an out-and-back on the ridgewood to saddle brook trail - I was hoping to do 6 or maybe even 8 miles, but I wasn't sure what to expect - I normally don't run the day after a harder workout.

Anyway, I did 4 today - that's 13 miles in the bank so far this week, and there's still five days left.
I also happened to have run on 4 consecutive days right now, which is an interesting experiment in and of itself.

I'm going to have to check my log to be sure, but I think I passed 200 miles total training at some point in the last 4 days.

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