Sep 28, 2006

6 miles

Ran 6 miles today. breezy and warm, intense sunlight - shade was a real relief. Great run with a negative split - ran about a 12:20 average pace for the first three miles, 11:00 for the next three. Took another ice bath afterwards because I forgot how much last week's ice bath sucked.

Took yesterday as a rest day. I was actually planning to do a pretty long run, at least 6 miles, but my body was begging me to take a day off. Last night I saw the Rolling Stones at Giants Stadium.. that was pretty cool. I swear, Keith Richards is on borrowed time. The guy looked dead..

Check out how my 6-mile times have improved, with the comments in my log:

July 2: 80 minutes ("It'll never be this hard again!")
July 8: 80 minutes ("ran out of energy at mile 4")
July 13: 78 minutes ("great run!")
July 28: 76 minutes ("very difficult")
Aug 5: 79 minutes ("very hot and humid")
Aug 21: 75 minutes ("warm out")
Sep 7: 74 minutes ("super-tired at end of run")
Sep 8: 72 minutes ("competed with a guy in a blue shirt")
Sep 28: 71 minutes ("worked hard in the last mile")

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