Dec 15, 2006

the gastrointestinal properties of a tommyburger

Vince: "You mean you've never had a tommyburger with chili?"
Steve: "What's so special about the chili?"
Vince: "It is the nastiest stuff you'll ever lay your eyes on.."
Steve: "..and?"
Vince: "Grease just drips off this crap.."
Steve: "..and?"
Vince: "I once just saw them open up a 1-gallon can of the stuff, and the inside of that can looked like a toxic waste dump.."
Steve: "..and?"
Vince: "It is just amazingly good. You have to try it."

I returned yesterday from a 12-day trip to California. I had hit most of my spots for food that I can't get in New York - Albertos, the dirty mexican food (dmf) chain, el nortena (now called taco fiesta), the dmf spot outside my parent's condo in san diego, el campion in san juan capistrano, the cleanest, highest-quality best-tasting dmf you'll ever find, and of course, la tiendita in san clemente, formerly known to me as "hole in the wall taco shop" but not anymore as san clemente has gone country club and a sign in the window says, "we proudly brew diedrich coffee." I also ate at el pollo loco 4 times, a dmf spot near vince's house in palm springs, in-and-out, farmer brothers, and a new favorite spot (in vegas) for unlimited amounts of sushi.

I had been putting off tommyburger, and I had to finally get one on the day I was to leave.

steve: "um, vince - I'm looking at this thing, and.. uh.."
vince: "it looks like shit on a shingle, doesn't it?"
steve: "literally.."
vince: "did you order the chili cheese fries, too?"
steve: "thankfully, no."

I ate it at noon. on Tuesday. my flight was at midnight. it wasn't pretty..

Even now, 2:30am on Thursday, I can still feel a slight twinge as my intestinal tract is fighting the last remnants of that thing.

my sleep patterns are all screwed up, and I think I just got caught up. the night after the marathon, I was only about the sleep about 4 hours. and I didn't get more than 5 hours of sleep on monday or tuesday night either. and wednesday night was a red-eye flight, so I only got about 4 hours of sleep on the plane as that chili manifested itself in my subcockles. When I finally got home at about 2pm, I went to sleep. My wife went and got chinese take-out (the east coast equiv of dmf), so we ate at 6 and went back to sleep. Finally woke up at 2am, and my son was sleeping on the floor next to my bed. You see, his sleep patterns are all screwed up too. I picked him up, put him back in his own bed, and wrote this post.

maybe now i'll get a couple more bonus hours of sleep before waking up and packing for a trip to vermont..

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