Dec 18, 2006

taco hell

my wife's mother has this thing that she watches the news on TV too much, and always wants to warn everyone about something she saw. In this case, taco bell. so the day I arrived in California two weeks ago, she calls. I answer the phone.

"steve, I just wanted to let you know about the taco bell thing.. it seems that the food is poisoned and there's mayhem and destruction everywhere. so don't eat there."
"Well, you have nothing to worry about. I haven't eaten at Taco hell in three years and I'm certainly not going to break that streak while I'm in CA."
"oh, ok that's good - "
"because why would I eat taco bell, when I have real dirty mexican food on every corner here?"
(she laughs cautiously)
"and when I say dirty mexican food, I mean that the food is made by dirty mexicans, that's why it's so good.."

At this point, my wife picks up the extension, and I hang up.

Fast forward one week. I'm in the car, and my wife receives a call from Jean, her sister. Apparently, as soon as our little conversation was finished, Jean gets a panicked call from her mother, who was absolutely horrified that we were eating dirty mexican food in california. Poor Jean had the burden of calming her down.. and wasn't too happy about it.

All I know is that DMF was really friggin' tasty, and my wife and I had it nearly every day.

Postscript - we returned to the east coast, sleep about 20 hours, and then take a ride up to vermont. Skiing at Killington, my wife decided that she'd like to join me for a ride up the gondola to the top for lunch. She had chili in a bread bowl. Make a long story short - the 30lbs of dirty filthy mexican food we consumed in the last two weeks caused no problems whatsoever - but that damned Killington chili put her on the toilet for two hours.. with a lot of pain to boot.

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