Mar 27, 2007

as promised, aspen pictures!!

as promised, aspen pictures!!

But first, there are some good pics from the drive from Kansas to Aspen.

gnarly looking storm that we were approaching..

wait- holy shit- is that a funnel??

it never touched down.. but I've never seen a funnel before.

cool rain though.

finally, denver comes into view, and the rockies behind it.

From Sunday, I took only a couple of pictures:

entry shot, of a run far beyond my ability. I did ski it though (well, I didn't actually "ski" it.. I did get down it.)

here's knuckledragger taking his own entry shot.

that's it for sunday. monday pictures:

nice view from the top of the elk camp lift (snowmass)

but there was this gate at the top of the poma.. hmm.. wonder what was on the other side of this?

oooh, looks nice.. let's get a closer look..


looking further left..

i wonder what the view is like from that ridge?

yep.. worth the hike..

looking further to the right..

..and further to the right..

..and further to the right..

no wonder i can't breath up here..

knuckles and i decided to ski ajax/aspen in the afternoon.. so we took the bus over and hopped the gondi.

there isn't a house in this picture under a million dollars.

there's pyramid peak jetting out from behind the ridge.

snowmass, from aspen.

highlands, from aspen

then, on the last turn of the last run of the day..

my very first core shot!

and it's a beauty!

from the side..

I sure am glad I demo'd, and paid the extra $3 for damage insurance!

cool statue

Some time in the next couple of days, I'll post pictures of today's brief but fun backcountry experience.

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