Mar 29, 2007

sunburned and happy

My face is peeling and my lips are chapped to the point of bleeding (literally).. but boy am I happy.

Yep, colorado was fun as hell.
Diet damage - it could have been worse. I indulged constantly during the trip, and only have two lbs to show for it. I expect to lose those 2 pronto and be back on track. I'll be extra-aggressive for a while, just to catch up a bit.

This is how we got around the backcountry in aspen:

that was freaking hard to hold on to!! and a helluva workout! but fun, too..

Given the season, late march.. Colorado was brown in the valleys. Snow had recently melted and leaves hadn't had a chance to grow yet. It reminded me a bit of california. Yech!!

Can't wait to go back there in may and see it green, like in this photograph..

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