Mar 29, 2007

2007-03-29 - my first day back

Well, cravings are back, as expected. Hopefully, they won't last two weeks like last time. Actually, they don't seem very bad at all.

I am very dissapointed to report that I broke 1000 calories today - had 1029, to be exact. That damn banana I put in my shake at the end of the day killed me. The spread was ok, though - 46% protein, 38% carbs, 16% fat. 22 grams of fiber.. probably more than I had the whole time I was in aspen. (:

the good news is that i'm almost out of the vanilla mrp packets that have been in my cupboard for two years now. i insist on using them up rather than throwing them out or letting them sit in the cupboard another two years, even though they're pretty high in calories - 260 - which is 26% of my calories for the day - in just one ingredient in one meal. i'm going to replace them with a much-lower calorie alternative - maybe just protein powder mixed with frozen fruit - or at the very most, an equiv. of myoplex lite - which is about 100 calories less. gives me a little more wiggle room.

by the way, 119 grams of protein in only 1029 calories - how do you like that, C?
Edit.. I made a mistake - I actually did come in under 1000 - 986 to be exact!
Edit#2.. I discovered another mistake which revised my total to a mere 950 calories. (:
this is funny. Let me restate my spread - protein: 47%, carbs: 41%, fat: 13%

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