Apr 3, 2007

the weekend in review

Had a 935 calorie day on Friday. That evening, we drove up to Killington - Saturday was to be the Bear Mountain Mogul Challenge. I'd be surrounded by barbeque, beer, and chips. How will I ever survive?

In the morning, I had a banana and an MRP, put into a nalgene bottle, shaked and drank. So far so good.
Lunch.. I brought a tuna steak. Cooked it on the BBQ next to all those delicious burgers and chicken and steaks and oh god what am I doing to myself??! The tuna was yummy.

As far as beverages, I drank seltzer water. yum.

I skied a lot, too.

Then, when we went back to the skihouse, I had soime bay scallops, with garlic and oil, on top of shirataki noodles. Finished the day with 935 calories. Shazam!

Sunday, well. I knew I would do this one day in the spring, and sunday was the day to do it. A local restaurant to the skihouse, named sugar and spice, boils sap into maple syrup in the basement. You eat on a floor above the basement, in a room heated by the boiling sap and filled with the aroma. You buy pancakes (or waffles or whatever), and then go downstairs to get some syrup, still hot from the boiler, and put that on your cakes.

So that's what I did in the morning, on a day that would end up with 1780 calories. Boy, what a pig I am! (:

Yesterday, Monday, I had 992 calories, but cravings to go along with it, probably a result of the pancakes.

Today, so far so good. 282 calories so far.. no cravings yet.

Oh, and I weighed 310.8 on the scale this morning. I am down 30 lbs in just over a month! Shazam!

coming soon - a long post about the 1000 calorie diet, the controversy surrounding it, and why I'm doing it.


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