Apr 18, 2007

the best organization tool money can buy

many of us deal with clutter. we crave organization. entire industries are based on it. and we love stores like the container store and ikea, because they offer a wide range of organization solutions. For years, I have been attempting to de-clutter-tize my house with products from these stores, with varying degrees of success. the main problem has been maintaining the clutter-free house after i've organized it. my house, therefore, has been cluttered and messy more than not. if that makes sense.

well, last week, i discovered the best decluttering tool money can buy. it is something you can buy at container store and ikea, but i have a feeling that you'll get the best one at your local hardware store.

called a "trash can," you put your stuff in this receptacle until it fills up. then, you empty it into a dumpster outside your building (where some mystical process removes it within a week), and repeat. you won't have access to your stuff anymore, but that's ok, because i'll have plenty of time to remember it in my nice, clean, organized, clutter-free house.

and i got rid of a lot of stuff. things that most people would ask, "why the hell are you getting rid of that perfectly good xxxx?" well - remember, boys and girls - less is more.


on the diet front, i can't describe or explain the reasons, but i just *know* that i am on the verge of blasting through this plateau and killing it in the next couple of weeks. i have resorted to slim-fast, which, along with a little edamame, kept me full most of the day. (one for breakfast, one for lunch, then you're on the way to the emergency room when your blood sugar drops! - robert schimmel) For dinner, I had a piece of fish with cajun seasoning and steamed broccoli. how the hell can i stay at 300-lbs with that diet?

yesterday i went to wal-mart and dropped $10 on a pair of size-40/34 jeans, and $11 a 40" belt. the belt fits fine, the jeans - not really. maybe in a week. I got rid of (by methods similar to what's described above) about 100 lbs of clothes that were either too big for me, or took up too much room in my closet. all my size-46 and 48 pants are now gone, i'll never have that waist size again.

went to the drug store yesterday to pick up a prescription for my wife, and while i was waiting, i test-drove their blood-pressure tester. result: 128 over 74, with a heart rate of 53. the heart rate is what really surprised me, my resting heart rate must be in the high 40s now. that's pretty cool. that's the kind of RHR that elite endurance athletes have. interesting..


in 2007, i will become proficient in java, eclipse, and the spring framework. i have no choice.

it's going to be a good year.

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