Apr 15, 2007

on cross training, centuries, goals, and weight-loss plateaus

The workout schedule I'm writing for my marathon in November includes 4 specific running workouts per week, two days of easy running (which are recovery days), and one day of no running at all. Those two days could be replaced with cross training - activities such as cycling, swimming, hiking, and weight-lifting. I've been pondering this idea for the last week - giving my legs a break from the running, yet still building the cardiovascular endurance, is a very good idea, particularly for a guy my size.

With that in mind, I was out skiing with a few friends, when they were talking about a century ride on flat terrain out on long island. well ok - there you go! I got the information this morning, and I'm very excited about this - riding a century was something I've always wanted to do. Now - here's the kicker - riding a century - 100 miles on a bike in a day - is something that's an ultimate goal for cyclists who've trained for it. Me? I won't have any significant training on a bike. woot.

I'm not particularly worried, however, because my cardiovascular endurance is actually very good - my resting heart rate is between 50 and 55 - and I won't be going for any records, either - my goal simply would be to finish and have fun. But let's say I'm way over my head and cannot finish? Well, the ride goes from Babylon to Montauk - and I can always bail out in Westhampton, where my wife will probably be hanging out anyway. But I really don't think that will be too much of an issue - I'll be taking it easy, and will be reading with some really good friends. It should be fun. Can't wait to write that trip report. And if you think I'm nuts, you're right.

Well, in other news, I've officially hit a plateau. I'm stuck at the same weight for a week now, frustrated as hell, wondering if I should keep doing what I'm doing wait for it to pass, then continue losing weight very quickly, or if I should modify things permanently. Google seems to think the latter, but I'm not sure yet. Yesterday I had a cheat meal, partially to regain some sanity, but also, maybe, to kickstart my metabolism out of fasting mode. It wouldn't be so bad if I had already passed the 300-lb barrier - but since I've been within 5 lbs of that magic number for ten days, stuck in some miserable plateau, I'm going nuts. Why couldn't this thing have hit at 295?? I would have been able to cope so much better! arg..

anyway, as a result of this, I want to stop focusing on 300 by looking past it, and thinking about my next goals..

275 (it's a nice round number)
259 (the threshold where I official go from "obese" to "overweight", according to the BMIndex)
250 (my minimum goal for July 12)
225 (my optimistic goal for July 12)
215 (the threshold where I officially go from "overweight" to "normal weight" - not sure if this is really what I want, but I'll know by the time I'm down to 235 - if I still have 20 lbs to lose, I guess it's what I'm going for.)

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