Apr 10, 2007

Principals of my training program:

As I develop my training program, I'm trying to organize my thoughts about the different types of workouts I'll be doing. This is what I've come up with, and is subject to change.

Yasso 800s (or another form of speed training)
Purpose: Develop the ability to run faster, specifically, 8:23 miles it would take to run a 3:40 marathon.
Frequency: Weekly

Tempo Runs
Purpose: Raise my lactate threshold - a point where your endurance drops dramatically when you cross it. you can't run very long at a pace barely faster than the LT when compared to barely slower. weight loss and speedwork will get me to run 8:23 miles - tempo runs get the 8:23 pace below my LT, so I could maintain it for the duration of the marathon.
Frequency: Weekly

Long Runs
Purpose: Prepare my body for the stresses of running longer than 3 hours.
Frequency: Weekly, alternating between very long and moderately long runs

Hill Training
Purpose: Develop strength and power, improve speed
Frequency: once every two weeks

Fartlek Training
Purpose: Moderate speedwork, have the fun variety
Frequency: once every two weeks

Easy Miles
Purpose: Get weekly mileage in on recovery days.
Frequency: 1-3 times per week

Sample week
Monday: 5x800 (yasso) 3-4 miles total
Tuesday: 3 easy miles
Wednesday: 6 mile tempo run
Thursday: 3 mile of hills or fartleks
Friday: 3 easy miles
Saturday: 15 Mile Long Run
Sunday: off

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