Feb 1, 2008

febuary 1: starting my running

I was shopping for camera bags - and Joey grabbed the camera and started taking pictures.

Well, January has come and gone and I've run an impressive two miles the whole month. My food intake hasn't been the best either. And with a 50K coming up in April, I am going down a predictable path. So I am resetting and starting over. I won't post all my runs in this blog, as I have in the past, but I will be putting everything in my twitter feed, which is also published in a sidebar on this site, as well as one facebook. As far as diet, that will go in full swing next week. The important thing right now - getting on my running program. And the first thing I'm going to try, for a month, is six days per week. Without specifying how hard those days are, I really want to build the habit back that I briefly had last year. So - 28 days in February - 24 days running. Daily run results will be in the twitter feed, along with short thoughts and what-not, while larger thoughts will go into this blog.

Twitter, by the way, is a lot of things to a lot of people. For me, it's a short comment blog - I find all the time that there are things that I would like to blog about, but they're too short to be worthy of their own blog post. Now, I can just write something quickly on twitter - and since the maximum length on each twitter post is limited to about half a sentence, it's perfect for frequent short thoughts - on the order of several per day. You could read the twitter feed on the link above or on my site, or you could sign up for your own twitter account and get these thoughts (and any other twitter user's thoughts) on instant message, SMS, or whatever else you want. It's a pretty cool tool.



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