Feb 7, 2008

My race calendar, so far

Danielle (left) is going to smoke me in the Mountainman Duathlon on May 18

Here's what I have so far in my race calendar for 2008:

April 20: Lake Waramaug Ultramarathon 50K
May 18: MountainMan Duathlon - Run 9.76K Bike 36.6K Run 4.85K
September 28: Vermont 50 Mile Endurance Run
November 2: NYC Marathon - 26.2 Miles (if I can get in)

And since I don't have much more to add, let me give you this interesting tidbit:
Don't Read This If You Want To Blame Your Metabolic Rate For The Extra Pounds
Many overweight people blame their resting metabolic rate for their problems, insisting they just weren't meant to be lean. Those folks won't like this new report from the well known Pennington Biomedical Research Center. The researchers followed 10 lean and 10 obese women over 14 days, measuring both their resting metabolic rates (RMR) and their total daily energy expenditure (RMR plus movement calories). Result: There was little difference in RMRs between the lean and obese women. However the obese sat 2.5 hours more per day than the lean, stood 2 hours less, and moved about half as much. The difference amounted to about 300 calories per day. And that, of course, is equivalent to 31 pounds a year.
Source: Obesity. More

Source: Peak Performance by Amby Burfoot


  1. Don't I look seeeexy. Not.

    Steve I am NOT going to smoke you. You are going to do so great!! WE are going to do great.