May 6, 2008

Anthony Trotta 1965-2008

My cousin Tony passed away this afternoon at the age of 43.

He was loved by all.



  1. Tony was a great man. I am proud to have known him. It is sad that he is no longer with us and I will miss him dearly

  2. Pls send my condolences to his parents as I heard about his passing in July. There are numerous things that I will remember of Tony, first I would like to thank him for being my friend. He had a great way with people, he welcomed everyone, he was one of the best salespeople I ever known. He was personable, was there for you to talk you off a ledge if you were in crisis, always had great advice. His heart was genuine and caring. I am proud to have known Tony. He will be missed by many. If possible pls advise me as to where he is resting as I would like to visit his sight to pay my respects,

    He will be missed dearly.

  3. Was Anthony's middle name David?
    Did he have a brother named James D Trotta?
    ? Mother's name Jean DeFrancisco.
    If any of this is true, please contact me @

  4. Tony was one of a kind. He was my best guy friend in the world. He told me to always smile. My heart was broken many times and he told me to hold my head up high and someone special will see how beautiful and smart and special I am. Tony was a brother I wish my parents gave me. He was sick when I got married in September 2007 but did not tell me because he did not wanr to break my heart. If heis watching from heaven I want him to know that my husband is a good man who loves me. The world lost such a great person and you were truly a gift from god. I wish we had you longer my dear friend and brother.