Jun 5, 2008

I've had it with the NYRRC lottery

This photo taken at the finish line of my first ultramarathon, a 50k april 20th in connecticut. joey ran about the last quarter-mile with me.

Here's a fun idea - lets give an update to this post?

Steve's lottery results for entry to the NYC marathon:
2001 - DENIED
2006 - DENIED
2007 - DENIED
2008 - DENIED
(and just for kicks)

The good news is that I am now guaranteed an entry in 2009. But let me tell you, this is a really friggin' frustrating way to get in. Expensive too, because I've paid lottery fees for 4 times for this thing now - on top of one of the most expensive entry fees for a marathon in the country.

That said:


unless something happens.

here's an example of something happening! I've come down with bronchitis and it's not going away! Had it almost a month now, and I've literally run zero miles in the entire month of May. I'm on an inhaler now to try to get rid of this, and hopefully I'll finally be able to resume my training next week.

As far as this weekend, wish me luck. I have "time on my feet" training in a relay for life cancer walk at work. 18 hours of walking.. there is no expectation that you walk more than a fraction of the entire 18 hours, but there is no rule that says you can't try to walk the whole time. An extra benefit is that I'll be able to assess my ability to walk overnight, like people usually have to do in 100-mile ultras. Should be interesting.

By the way, they're starting a "biggest loser" competition at work next week. I'm approaching it with a very aggressive strategy and the way I see it, this is no time for modesty. I'm in it to win it - and I'm going to smoke the competition. More details on that in the near future.

Also, in case there's any confusion, I'm still planning on the Grand Teton and Vermont 50-milers in August and September, the Chicago Marathon in October, and now, likely, the JFK 50 miler in November.

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