Jun 10, 2008

18.. uh.. 8 hour charity walk for cancer - now with blisters!

I walked in memory of Nils

Once again, the twitter log during the race is a better race report than i could ever write.

When I went into the race, I basically had three objectives (besides the whole raise money for cancer thing)
1.) Assess my ability to go all night long
2.) Cover 50 miles
3.) Get some heat training in

Friday 06:51 PM June 06, 2008
PSA I will be doing a charity walk for cancer tomorrow, from noon until 6am (18 hours), and will be tweeting updates here.

Saturday 1:21PM
3 miles down. It's at least 90 degrees out here, but I feel good. Sweating a lot.

Saturday 1:53PM
5 miles, 10 percent to my goal. Stopping for lunch, and need bodyglide on right heel.

Saturday 02:14 PM
Back on the track. 180 laps to goal.

Saturday 02:38 PM
25 laps done, kind of a big milestone. 10k or so.

Saturday 03:35 PM
37 laps down 163 to go, taking a break. The heat is intense.. Reflecting off the asphalt track.

Saturday 04:18 PM
10 miles done, 40 to go, hot as balls out here, but it'll cool off soon. Listening to stackoverflow podcast to pass the time.

Saturday 05:03 PM
Lap 50 done.. Good timing, they're doing the cancer survor only lap right now. 25% done.. Gettin there.

Saturday 06:06 PM
There it is, my first ever blister. Going to try to find something to lance it with. 55 laps done btw.

Saturday 06:14 PM
Blood blister on left foot, don't know what to do about it.

Saturday 06:31 PM
Walking on the untreated blood blister. I guess i'll go until I can't anymore. It doesn't hurt... Too much...

Saturday 06:45 PM
It's not all doom&gloom.. I hadn't peed in hours despite lots of fluids (concerning) until just now (relieving). Plus, it's cooling off!

Saturday 06:48 PM
Jogged for 10 mins before the blisters btw. I feel fine, really. Just the left blister is slightly uncomfortable.. That's about it.

Saturday 07:38 PM
On lap 70. Thunderstorm on the horizon. Rain, ok. Lightning.. Nope.

Saturday 07:47 PM
They're kicking everyone off the field.. And tent city.. Ushering us indoors. Blister pain increasing.

Saturday 07:52 PM
Walking on uneven ground (to the brick and morter safehouse from lighting) is extremely painful flat track much better.

Saturday 07:58 PM
Two blisters on left foot now. Seriously thinking about dropping..

Saturday 08:19 PM
Dropping due to blisters. 18 miles. Disappointing.

Sunday 11:00 AM
i am convinced that it was the size 15 shoes that caused the blisters. for now on I need to make sure I wear 14s for lsds.

One thing to add that was not in the twitter logs is that when I sat in the fieldhouse, I couldn't control my coughing. The remnants of the bronchitis were back. Honestly, this was my first workout since the onset of the disease which lasted a month.. so I was pushing too hard and I knew it.

Oh well, I got some great heat training out of it.
Plus it was a charity walk, not a race. and 18 miles is 18 miles.

Remember kids, enjoy the weather. It's the only weather you've got.


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