Jul 21, 2008

two random unrelated thoughts..

... shamelessly stolen off the interwebs today

(but first, a picture)

Rizzo ran his first organized race this past weekend, a 5K. I was there. More on that later..
"I haven't been back in 8 months, but things haven't changed. It's New Jersey, it's the summer, it's full of guidos and orange-skinned women with large flotation devices, it's hot as fuck, and you sweat while taking the coldest shower possible. But at least when I order a pastrami sandwich, I don't get turkey with pink food dye on it."
source: http://www.52weeksindenver.com/2008/07/week-63-in-new-jersey.html

"i applaud you for the effort to reach your limits.
i dont find aspirations to mediocrity inspiring.
it really bugs me when people are coached, coaxed, and encouraged
to settle for less than their capabilities."
source: "lazarus lake" on the ultrarunning listserv 2008/07/21

And now, in the next section of the most disorganized blogpost to pollute the internets:
Race Report: Teterboro Airport 5K: My worst race evar!!

I really really really wanted very badly to break 30 minutes on this race, and I didn't even come close.
It may have been the heat that caused me to take 3 walk breaks and finish in a deplorable 31:50, but I think the real reason is I ate at a chinese buffet the night before. And I stuffed myself silly. And I wasn't hungry the next morning so I didn't eat my traditional pre-race bagel with fresh lox and cream cheese (yum.)

By the way, this silly 5k which shuts down a respectable airport for an hour is what I did in lieu of the VERMONT 100 WHICH I MISSED (for completely different reasons) and I'm actually kind of bummed about it. I really wanted very badly to volunteer at the race and pace a slow runner to the finish. It didn't work out. Instead, I ran 3.1 miles on an exposed asphalt runway in 90ยบ heat and then went to long island to eat a soft shell crab (yum.)

I also missed the duathlon in May (boy it's been a while since I've blogged) but I actually had a good reason: I was sick with bronchitis. (yum.)

By the way, that freakin bronchitis.. knocked me out for well over a month and my running has NOT BEEN THE SAME SINCE! i am weak and worthless. that is all.

In 1.5 months (!!!) I am travelling to Wyoming to do the Grand Teton 50-mile ultra. that should be.. entertaining. actually, i can't wait.

That is all. Looking back at this post, it's amazing that anybody at all bothers to read this mindless drivel. But who knows? Perhaps someone somewhere out there gets a perverse pleasure out of reading the incoherent rambling of a sleep-deprived idiot addicted to running over old ladies with your stolen hummer in grand theft auto. (don't knock it until you tried it.)

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