Jun 22, 2009

Quick Race Report: Team Slug Booty Rumble 50K

Sunny and Mild?? BORING! Give me 3 Hours of Thunderstorms! 5 Hours of Torrential Downpours! Ankle-Deep Puddles! Shoe-sucking Mud! Treacherously slippy Wooden Bridges! Faceplants in the Soft Wet Dirt! That's excitement! That's what I want in a 50K!

Quick summary of the 50K, my eleventh marathon or ultramarathon finish:

* 3:30am Wake-up call
* Drove down to Delaware
* Met many of the notorious slugs for the first time, and..
* Saw slug friends Meredith and EJ and their infant baby daughter
* Signed the release

I was not attacked by any squirrels, thankfully

* Got together for a group photo


"Enjoy the weather, it's the only weather you've got" -Joe Bastardi
* Started running under non-threatening skies
* First thunderclap came ten minutes later
* First raindrop came 10 minutes after that
* Before we were done, 3 INCHES OF RAIN fell on us. (apparently)

* Steve made great time despite the rain for the first 5 laps.
* Slowed down a bit for laps 6-8
* Sped back up on Laps 9 & 10
* Sun came out for the last lap, got very warm & humid
* Bugs started biting with a vengeance!
* Steve Finished in 6:51 (a mere 4 minutes off my 50K PR!)

* Earned the right to wear a Team Slug shirt

Start Slowly, Ease Off

* Post-race meal at the Waffle House (all the way, dude!)
* Drove back home to Suffern

This was, in every sense of the word, my kind of race. Nobody took anything very seriously, yet I will be telling stories about this race for years. Plus, you can't beat the price.

I did use this race as a testing ground for several things, including gookinade, ensure, the GPS watch that I wrote about a couple weeks ago, and a camelback pack. I will write more that, on this blog, later in the week.

Please Click here to read the Team Slug Official Race Report

By the way, I listened to an incredible audiobook during this race.

Born to Run
I highly recommend it.


  1. Steve that's pretty hardcore! Come out to California and let's hike Half Dome with Vince!

  2. Sam - Hell yeah! I'd love to hike halfdome. Lets put it together the next time I'm out there..

  3. Sounds like a great race!! Can't beat Waffle House. Congrats on another good finish!