Jun 15, 2009

Short Training Update

At this point I'm at 28 consecutive days of running, during which I've run about 70 miles total with a longest run of 6. This Saturday, I'm running a team slug 50K fatass race in Delaware.

My training runs continue to improve. Where I am now compared to where I was in early may indicates a spectacular improvement. However, I'm still not to where I was in early march. The pattern of several of my runs has been start slowly with a strong negative split. In a 3-mile example, the feeling for the first half-mile is like I won't be able to go even a single mile, so I trod along at 11:30 per mile just to get it over with - but by the one-mile point feeling well enough to continue. I accelerate throughout the run, probably doing the third mile at around 9:00 MPM and well winded from the pace, with a total average around 10:00. This has happened in at least three of my runs in the last week or two, and it's interesting to notice.

Ultimately, where I'd like to be is back to the point where I was running three miles at 8:45 mpm or so, like I was in early march. I noticed that I tend to do really well in the weeks after ultramarathon efforts, as I ran a hilly 5-miler in 48:xx last fall a week after the JFK 50miler, and of course the 26:0x 3-miler a couple of weeks after my 50K PR in march - so I'm eager to see how well I run after this weekend's 50K.

On the weight loss front, I am not where I wanted to be by now, but I also cannot complain as I have lost about 20 lbs in the last month. If I can lose another 20lbs by Wakely on July 18th, that would be extremely helpful.

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