Oct 5, 2009

Quick update from the double 50K weekend

Bright and early on Saturday morning I cleared the back of the car, threw a sleeping bag in and headed down to delaware for the first part of steve's double-50k.

6 of these 8 people started the slug 50K
6 of these 8 people started & finished the 50K

A full report on the delaware race will be up in a couple of weeks, but I finished in 7:55, over an hour off my PR, in 7th place. I received the highly coveted Team Slug International "Crazy Horse" award for my DFL finish.

Making a long story short, however, the first 10 miles went very well but I deteriorated after due to the fact that I ran a really tough 50K only 6 days prior (that report will be up this friday, btw.)

Later that night, enjoying a post-run celebration dinner at Waffle House, I realized that yet another 50K the next day would be impossible to finish with the cutoffs. The 6-day separation from vermont would have kept me from finishing Blues Cruise under their 7:30 cutoff, and I definitely would have been pulled early from the sunday race.

If alex and joe were with me, I definitely would have stayed and at least started the race, but since they were not, it just wasn't worth being apart from them another day just so i can get a 10-mile run in, if that.

So I drove home late saturday night, took a long shower, and fell asleep.

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