Oct 2, 2009

Race Preview: Steve's Double 50K weekend

This is going to be a fun weekend.

Tomorrow morning I will be leaving bright and early and hitting the turnpike for 3-hour drive down to kent county in central delaware to make a valient attempt at Team Slug's Russel B. Cheney 50K.
The Namesake's Description of Non-Event, "But one of my all-time favorites: the Race Director personally contacts each potential participant and conscientiously attempts to DIScourage their participation, including graphic descriptions of the deep wood’s voracious ankle-wrapping roots and the moving trail-rocks, terrible grades, horrendous bridge crossings, trail co-use dangers, hazardous lack of close aid-stations, possible perilous overcrowding, slippery leaves and pine needles. Rumors persist of strange creatures inhabiting both the pond itself and the surrounding forest (the trail never being more than a few yards from the water and virtually always within the woods, leaving the desperately-fatigued and confused runner appallingly vulnerable), of participants disappearing and later reappearing in ethereal form, of strange vapors rising from the pond at all hours, and deep snow banks." Russell B. Cheney, Torrance, California
The 10-lap course is identical to the one I ran back in June at the Booty Rumble 50K, where the slugs greeted me and my family with big smiles and bigger downpours - 3 inches of rain fell during the race. I loved the experience and immediately knew I'd be back, and tomorrow's RBC will mark my triumphant return to the swamps of Delaware.

Saturday night I will sleep in my car, Wakely-style.

On Sunday morning I will be in Reading, PA to participate in the Blues Cruise 50K, and this is going to be a tough one. Normally I'd have no problem completing a moderately hilly 50K within a 7.5hour time limit, as my 50K PR (6:47) was on a course that had several hills. But the problem, of course, is the small fact that I will have run a 50K the day before, and I honestly have no idea how my body will handle the back-to-back long runs.

Either I will finish, or I will get pulled. Whatever.

So, the weather forecast looks like fun. I am actually writing this on Tuesday night for Friday publication, so maybe this will change (and hopefully it will), but right now it looks like rain, both days. Heh, just like vermont a few days ago (just wait til you see that report.) At least I won't have vermont-style mud, at least in delaware and probably not in pennsylvania either.

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