Jan 1, 2010

Race Preview - Team Slug Fattest But 50K

Happy New Year!!

Tomorrow I'll be heading down to the swampy trails of the first state and pick up another ten laps at the Fattest Butt 50K.

I am not taking this race very seriously, and may opt for less than ten laps. This is definitely more of a social event for me, just to hang out and see some friends.

The RD isn't taking it very seriously either. Here is a message he sent to us a few days ago:
Subject: Fat Butt next Sat...This is NOT a RACE

"OK Sluggos, y'all know the drill ... Be-Low Fat Ass-Style ... Not a Boston Qualifier, But tyme will be Kept ... Be at park gate @ 8 AM, and be sure to bring what-ever sustenance ya need to finish with ya. As always, TSI will supply stale bread and pond water. Easiest 50K non-event (In The World ... 99.99% finish rate) ...you must finish not under 4 hrs, but before dark. In past, Temps have been 0 to 75 degrees & we've had rain, snow, sun, hail, sleet ... blind flyin' squirrels have been wicked this winter, be sure to bring yer repellent... "

And people wonder why I love doing this stuff. (:

That reminds me.. i've gotta go pick up some blind flyin' squirrel repellent.

(sorry this blog post is a little late. i was up late last night.)

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