Jan 4, 2010


Well, I didn't make it down to Delaware on Saturday. Couldn't sleep on Friday.

As a result, Tony invited me to go with him on his run on Sunday morning. But when I was still awake at 1:30am, I knew I wasn't going to make that either.

Since Christmas, I've been in the nasty habit of sleeping late, and that has really been affecting me at night, and in the mornings.

Last night, I was able to doze off before ten, probably thanks to the left-over half bottle of wine from New Years. And I even managed to wake up early (4:30am) and get to the gym this morning, picking up three easy miles on the treadmill before 5:30am.

As a result of waking up early this morning, and with a little luck, I'll be able to fall asleep relatively early again tonight. Hopefully that will set me back on the right track in terms of a sleep schedule.

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