Feb 5, 2010

Brief Friday post: Umstead, Two Quotes

Time is limited this week, so today I have to give you yet another very brief blog post with content that is largely not my own. Apologies. At least it will be short.

I'm at a point where 50 miles doesn't really intimidate me anymore, but I won't lie: 100 miles still scares the shee-ite out of me. I read something somewhere last week where someone doing a very long and difficult ultra was saying he was "having fun", and I think that's the attitude I need to approach Umstead with. It reminded me of last year before running the Caumsett 50K I announced my intention to "smile the whole way", and take it easy. I ended up with a PR.

Two quotes I read during the week. I thought one was inspiring, the other funny.

"I value the accumulative strength that comes with not missing any days of running; I think it's important that the body remain accustomed to at least a little bit of specific physical motion every day in order to not set oneself up for the strange weaknesses and aches that can come with inconsistency."
Anton Krupicka, Feb 1 source

"My mom is the worst crew ever. She is totally of the attitude that 'oh, it's so cold, why don't you come to the car and warm up' or '40 miles is more than enough, why don't you rest for a little while'. I haven't convinced her that motherly love is not appropriate during an ultra."
Danny M, Feb 4, via the Dartmouth ultra list

Have a great weekend everyone!

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