Mar 1, 2010

February Recap and March Goals

Ran 28 out of 28 days in 29 distinct workouts
Total Mileage: 111

Ran 59 out of 59 days in 61 distinct workouts.
Total Mileage: 223

February was a mediocre month. I managed to maintain my running streak but every other goal was missed for one reason or another. Here's what the goals were and my miserable excuses why I missed them:

1. Run a mile every day - I did this
2. Complete a run of 40 miles - The run that was going to be 40 turned out to be 27
3. Complete two more runs of 18 miles - Fatigue kept me from doing this last weekend, and a nagging hamstring kept me from doing it this weekend.
4. Four ascents of bear mountain - I did one, the day before a snowstorm, and there's just been too much snow to do it since. Of course, snow doesn't stop some people, just me.
5. Run 6 miles on the days after the 18s - I didn't have the 18s to do this in the first place.
6. Nutrition goals - Let's not even go there.

So it with that downright depressing bit of news that I go into the month of Umstead.

Goals for March

1. Run at least one mile every day.
I am currently dealing with a hamstring "tweak" that occurred on Thursday's two-a-day run. I have no idea what the problem is, but the consequence has been I've been running very slow and easy. I was supposed to run over 30 miles this weekend, I ran 6. Everything above ten minutes per mile. Fortunately, it seems to be improving in spite of my running on it - I think I'm lucky. Having said that, maintaining the streak might actually be the hardest goal of all, because running a mile straight on Monday March 29th after the 100 is going to be painful.

2. One long run of 18 miles
I would say two long runs, but it really depends on how the ham feels this upcoming weekend. If it's good, I'll go long then, and have a second long run the following weekend. If it doesn't feel good, then I'll have no choice but to do just one long run on March 13 or 14. That is two weeks out from Umstead, so it will be my last chance to get significant miles.

3. Three ascents of Bear Mountain
I expect the temperatures to warm up a bit which will allow me to hit Bear mountain a few more times. I feel comfortable doing them as late as 7 days before the big day. I had once ascent this last month and it was amazing. Definitely want a repeat or three.

4. Log everything I eat
Last month was a complete failure in this regard. Needs to change this month.

5. Don't quit at Umstead
Either finish, or miss the 26 hour 87.5 mile cutoff. I'll be disappointed if the latter happens, but at least I won't have quit. I will write more about that as the month progresses.

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