Mar 3, 2010

Ultrarunning Haiku Slam 2010

I was super-surprised last night to receive word that I had won a haiku-writing competition.



To be fair, this was rather informal and low-key, and done over an email list. There were about 50 entries, and I wrote and submitted three Monday afternoon after work, while Alexandria and Joe were out. When I saw the competition, I never thought I had a chance. So when I received word that I not only won first place but also honorable mention, my exact words were, "no way!"

My prize is a $25 gift certificate to ZombieRunner, probably the best running store around. (:

The winners of the ultrarunning haiku slam contest are announced!
Thanks to everyone who sent in a haiku and participated!

Steven Tursi gets first place, with his "one hundred miles..." Michael Vance gets second place with his "Spiderwebs". Steven Tursi's "we hear all the time..." got honorable mention.

The winning entries are listed below.

I will be in touch with both of you off-list about prizes from Zombie Runner and Alenepastels.

Thanks! And thanks to the generosity of Don & Gillian from Zombie Runner for prize donations!


Steven Tursi #1

one hundred miles
turns out to be much more than
fifty miles twice

Michael Vance #2

Spiderwebs glisten
in pre-dawn glow, that's the cost
of early trail runs

Steven Tursi's

We hear all the time
"I don't like to drive that far"
used to be funny.

also gets honorable mention...

I really appreciate this! There were so many great entries. Here are some of my favorites:

Bill C:
Bliss on single track trail
Concrete hurts my knees so bad
No more death by road

My thighs are burning
But feet are numb from the snow
That’s a good trade-off

Paige T:
Dear Perpetuem,
You taste so good going down
And give me great burps!

Brian P:
thrown down like a rock.
the eyes, too late, discover
the goddamned tree root.

Michael V:
Boss - "why run fifty
when you can drive?" Me - "I think
you have that backward"

Michael V: (this is my personal favorite of all of them)
I hate myself for
singing Miley Cyrus while
running up mountains

Thomas B:
Thirty miles later
They'll never know how this feels
Pleasantly tired

Fuzz M:
Thirty miles to go,
Blisters keeping me awake,
Pizza sounds good now.

Fuzz M:
Bananas or GU
They both make me have to poo
Trees are fertilized

Jason E:
man, I feel like crap
I could run like this for hours
man, I feel like crap

(As you can probably tell, I'm a fan of the funny ones..)

Thanks, Judges and ZombieRunner!!

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  1. I love these. Your honorable mention is hilarious. Thanks for posting. Andrew