Feb 4, 2011

Clarification of "Enjoyment of Food" post

I wanted to thank everyone who took the time to write to me and comment on my previous blog post. While I really appreciate the feedback, I did want to clarify something.

I can drink just one beer and be satisfied.
I can place just one bet and be satisfied.
People all around me can eat just one slice of pizza and be satisfied.

I, however, can not eat one slice of pizza. Tried it a hundred times (literally), and I've never managed to have the willpower.

And there's a parallel there - like the alcoholic can't drink just one beer or the compulsive gambler can't place just one bet, I can't stay in control with the food I eat. There is something that goes on in my brain that makes me into a bit of a crack whore, who must get more more more, screw the costs and consequences.

I'm no expert in addiction treatment, but it seems to me that complete abstention is necessary in order to successfully overcome the addiction.

Anyway, That's the way I see it. I've explained it this way to a few people over the last few days, and the feedback I've gotten has seemed much more appropriate.

By the way, this comic was a bit of a catalyst that got me thinking this way:
Via Toothpaste For Dinner

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  1. Have you considered the "Velocity Diet"? It's a pretty radical diet that is not for everyone, but the idea is that you more or less reprogram yourself into craving the healthy foods that you should eat, instead of the ones that most of us crave (i.e. high fat or high carb foods). You do this by depriving yourself of any material food all week long (while getting all of the calories and nutrients you need through shakes) then eat a healthy meal at the end of each week. Due to the radical week long deprivation of any taste or substance your body and taste buds begin to crave those healthy meals as much or more than the unhealthy ones they used to crave. It isn't for everyone and I don't personally know anyone who made it through to the end, but maybe look into it.

  2. Here's a link to some info:

  3. If one eliminates unhealthy high-fat foods, they can still eat large quantities of healthy low-fat foods.

    See http://www.30bananasaday.com

  4. Eliot, someone else said that too. I guess we will find out. But even if you're right, it's probably better to overeat on skinless chicken and fish instead of pizza and cheeseburgers.