Jun 23, 2012

Weekly Training Summary: June 17-23

Sunday, June 17 - Long Bike
7:09AM: ~55 miles in ~4 hours. (part 1, 2) Got together with several friends, and rode from Franklin Lakes down to Denville and back. Awesome, awesome ride, with a group of people who more closely match my skill level. It continues to surprise me to see how strong I am on the climbs, to a certain point. After that point, it's even more surprising to see how week I suddenly get.

Sunday's Long Ride
11:53AM: 1.14 miles in 11:04 (9:43). By the time we finished, I was already late to be somewhere for Father's day - but as I said to my friends, "I can't say I don't have ten minutes to get a quick run in." Running Streak Day 537.

Monday, June 18 - Bear Mountain Run
6:23PM: 8.23 miles w/1122' gain in 1:26 (10:30) - ascent time 50:00.Thought I'd take advantage of the cool weather and run a route that I've not been on in over a year - Bear Mountain's Perkins Drive. The four mile ascent gains about 1100 feet with a continuous uphill, only offering less-steep portions as breaks. It's an awesome workout. I knew my PR on the ascent to be about 58 minutes, and with hill training lacking lately, I wasn't expecting much from this run. I frankly would have been happy to run an hour. I surprised myself by running almost exactly 50 minutes from the carousel to the summit boulder. Maintained sub-12 minute miles on everything but the steepest sections. Reached the top feeling invigorated and I honestly felt like I could have continued another 4 miles/1100 feet. Of course, I was reminded on the way down the the hardest part of this route isn't the ascent but the descent - four miles of continuous bone-crushing downhill running is really good training, but it beats the hell out of me. Streak 538.

Bear Mountain Run-Up
Tuesday, June 19 - Pool Swim
5:35AM: 1750yards in an hour. "The return to the pool," as this was called, and after my string of successes I had forgotten just how mediocre I am compared to my tri club friends, especially without the aid and buoyancy of the wet suit. We did a few intervals and things, but over all I struggled to keep up with the speed demons. I wonder how much I was affected my the run from Monday.

7:20AM: 1.03 treadmill miles in 10:01 (9:44). A quick mile on the treadmill at work, where I definitely felt the effects of the run from Monday. Streak 539.

Wednesday, June 20 - Bike
5:34AM: 17.84 miles in 57:47 (18.52MPH). On the longest day of the year, you can beat the heat by starting early - but can't beat the sun (it was already light out at 4:45am), and you can't beat the humidity. At 5:31AM it was 67.4ºF, but the humidity was 95%, giving us a dew point of 65.9ºF. And sunny. Without wind. And I am particularly vulnerable to heat and especially humidity. And with the mild weather lately, I am far from acclimatized. I say all of that to say this: I got dropped on the tri course. My time, despite being by second-best ever, was 4 minutes slower than Saturday's race, and I just had no legs on the hills. Normally I can keep up with the skinnies, but not today. Kim, by the way, is awesome for hanging with me while I was sucking the moisture-saturated wind.

6:36AM: 1.28 miles in 12:10 (9:31).For obvious reasons, I bagged the run. By 6:52AM the humidity had not gone down at all, and temp and dew point had both gone up 4ºF. Plus the sun was much higher in the sky. So I ran out a half-mile and back. Streak 540.

12:20PM: Hertz Fitness Center Bootcamp. I tried to take it easy, but bootcamp takes no prisoners. 40 minutes. 

Thursday, June 21 - Track
5:42AM: 4.25 miles in 48:01 (11:18). "I ended up with 4 miles at about 50K pace, and then curled up into a dark corner, in a fetal position, with a dozen fans and ACs blowing directly on me, sobbing." Well, Track was the plan. I woke up, checked the weather, and saw that it was already 78º with a 70º dew point. Got there at 5:30 to find that I was alone. Farted around, took my time, and finally started at about 5:45. Super-slow. I was really struggling, even at 11 minutes per mile. Was going to bag it at a mile or two, until I saw Jim running up to the track! Having a running partner was just the kicker I needed to continue. In fact it was so good running with him that I almost forgot about the weather. Streak 541.

Friday, June 22 - Medium
4:59AM: 8.56 miles in 1:27:10 (10:12). Too short to be a long run; too long (and too slow) to be a tempo run - this run can best be described as "medium." Actually, it was a good acclimatization run. The  heat wave technically hadn't broken yet and the humidity still sky-high, but with an extra-early start, two days of adaptation, clouds that kept the solar radiation low, and most of all an awesome running partner (thanks Mare!), this 90-minute sweat-fest went by quickly and relatively comfortably relative to Thursday and especially Wednesday. Also, since I'm a little behind the 8-ball this month with the 100-miles-in-every-month goal, getting 8.5 in on a weekday was nice. Still, the afternoon thunderstorms were a welcome relief. I was on my drive home from work, and saw the outdoor temps according to my car's thermometer dropped from 88º to 68º in about 20 minutes. Streak 542.

Friday Run with Mare
Saturday, June 23 - Medium with hills
8:20AM: 7.32 miles in 1:23:35 (11:26). I'm not ashamed to say I slept in - After 4:something AM wake-up calls Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, AND Friday, I decided that a 6AM 100K ride - that I'd have to start at 5AM for reasons I won't go into here - wasn't happening. So instead, I stayed in bed until - get this - 6:55AM! Then, shortly after 8AM, I started a 1-hour run, that ended up longer than an hour. I thought I'd throw in a couple of hills. 20 minutes in I thought to myself, "gee it's taking me a long time to warm up." 45 minutes in, I said, "I guess I won't get warm at all today." Had to walk a couple of miles of this 7.5 miler, which is also something I'm not ashamed of. They can't all be great runs. Streak 543.

Saturday's Run
Totals for the week:

Bike: 71 mi
Run: 31.8 mi
Swim: 1 mi

Totals for the year:

Bike: 528.9 mi
Run: 816.7 mi
Swim: 44,735 yd

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