Jun 19, 2012

Weekly Training Summary: June 10-16

Sunday June 10: Kingsbridge (Hill)
6:19PM - 3.34 miles in 33:00 (9:53). Quick run up Kingsbridge in the evening after a busy day. Some white van almost ran me down. And I forgot to turn off my GPS at the end. Should have stayed home. Running streak day 530.

Monday June 11: Lonergan (Fake Zero)
6:21AM - 1.55 miles in 15:58 (10:19). Not that I physically needed a rest day, but mentally I did. I ended up slacking all week. Streak 531.

Tuesday June 12: Open Water Swim
5:30AM - swim / Franklin Lake - 1 mile. Getting more and more comfortable in open water. 
6:39AM - Run - 1.32 miles in 13:08 (9:58). Basically ran around Indian Trail Club, exploring and seeing what the transitions were like. 0.2 miles added afterwards. Streak 532.

Wednesday June 13: Fake Zero
6:38PM - run - 1.5 miles in 15:09. Six laps around the track during Joey's lacrosse game. Didn't need a rest day, but I took one anyway. Streak 533.

Thursday June 14: Bike
5:29AM - Tri Course - 17.3 miles in 59:32 (17.4 MPH). Went nice and easy with some friends, until I saw that I could complete the course in under an hour if I put in a good kick.
6:35AM - Fake Zero - 1.09 miles in 10:28 (9:37). Just a quick run out a half mile and back after the ride. Streak 534.

Friday June 15: O.W. Swim and Transition Practice
5:41AM - Franklin Lake - 1 mile in 35:00. Again, super-easy and super-comfortable. The race was the next day, meaning this would likely be our last regular opportunity to train in Franklin Lake until next year.
I then got with John and we practiced transition setup and actually did a rehearsal. In the practice we did a 0.74 mile bike ride at 6:55am and then a 1.12 mile run in 9:47 (8:45) at 7:00AM. Streak 535.

Saturday June 16: The 30th Annual Wyckoff / Franklin Lakes Triathlon
My first real triathlon! Official results here: http://www.compuscore.com/cs2012/june/wyckind.htm.
I'm really slacking on my race reports, but I promise one will be posted about this as well. In brief, I did fine in all three disciplines, and crappy in my transitions. 0.5 mile swim: 18:33, 17.3 mile bike: 53:08, 5.1 mile run:  46:41.

Totals for the week:
Bike: 35.3 mi
Run: 15.2 mi
Swim: 2.5 mi

Pretty much a slacker week for me, especially the 15 mile run.. that's really low, even for me.

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