Jun 10, 2012

Weekly Training Summary: June 3-June 9

Sunday June 3 - Longish
6:36AM - Run: 13.35 miles, 2:35 (11:39). Running steak day 523. Was happy to get a long run in with Bob, a big guy like me, except that while I specialize in the run, he does so on the bike. He was coming off a 100+ mile ride the day before. Great guy to spend a Sunday morning with. Anyway, he needed 2½ hours and I figured that since he was doing a hilly course at IM-NYC in two months, that we'll run the big hills of Franklin Lakes - and that's what we did. Fun times.

Monday June 4 - Rest w/core
12:30PM - Run: 1.86 in 16:53 (9:05). Streak 524. After running a couple minutes at what felt like sub-9, I looked at my watch and saw barely sub-19! So.. the GPS was all wonky. After it stabilized I hit "lap" then I ran to a known mile-marker. Then I hit lap again. Adjusted the first lap to be 1 mile minus the second lap. Then I took a shortcut back to the office, and took a short core training class at the Hertz gym.

Tuesday June 5 - Swim
6:30PM - Swim: 2000 yards in 1 hr. Masters swim coached session. Workout was as follows: 350 warmup
4x100 (25 kick + 25 drill + 50 swim) , 350 (first 100 hard) , 250 (first 100 hard) , 150 (first 100 hard) , 4x100 pull (count strokes - min 15, max 20 - per 25 yards) , 100 cooldown. The 350/250/150 first 100 hard are designed to imitate the first few minutes of a triathlon.  You're supposed to go over 90% for that first 100, and then try to get your breath back and fall into a rhythm for the balance of the set. Very cool workout.

7:40PM - Run: 1.1 in 10:00 (9:06). Streak 525. Quick run on the gym treadmill immediately after the swim.

Wednesday June 6 - Bike/Run
5:37AM - Ride: Wyckoff Tri Course (17.3 miles in 1:01:25, 17MPH). The Wyckoff YMCA Triathlon Course is a 17 mile loop from Franklin Lakes to Campgaw in Mahwah and back. I've done it several times, and it's a fun course to do with friends. This morning's ride was with MaryEllen, Roseann, and Kim.
Oh, and by the way, this was my first ride on the bike  that I'll be using at Ironman Florida. It's on loan from a very generous friend in the tri club.
Specialized Transition Expert

6:43AM - Run: Seminole Loop: 2.59 in 22:55 (8:52). Streak 526. Ran with MaryEllen. Towards the end, I was thinking to myself, "gee, she's really pushing me hard. I'm getting a real workout." Later, she sent me a note, which basically said, "gee, you really pushed me hard. I got a real workout."

Thursday June 7 - Open Water Swim/Run
5:49AM - Swim: 2 laps of Tri Course/Franklin Lake (1600 meters total). Nice swim with about ten people from the Tri Club. Wonderful that Indian Trail Club is letting us use the lake so much ahead of the triathlon. We're going as a guest of someone who's a member, and ITC is OK with it, even if we go every morning between now and the Wyckoff Triathlon, which is held there. They're even providing a lifeguard on a kayak!

800 meter swim course is yellow, 1.2 mile is red

6:34AM - Run: Seminole Loop: 2.57 in 21:36 (8:25). Streak 527. Ran with Anthony. Unlike the run with MaryEllen yesterday, there was no dispute over who was pushing who. At one point, Ant was trotting along and asked if he was going to fast for me. Betwen gasps, I somehow told him yes, this is fine, keep going. Then I puked.

Friday June 8 - Long Open Water Swim/Run
5:40AM - Swim: 1.2 miles open water, ~50 minutes. Since yesterday's 2x800 went so well, I thought today I was ready for the big 1.2 mile swim - that's half the Ironman distance. I went to bed extra early and was first at the lake, right after 5am. I was worried that many of my tri club friends, who are running Eagleman 70.3 on Sunday, would not be willing to swim so long but I  thought wrong. Of the ten of us, I think all but two did the long course. As for me, I simply started swimming and tried not to get tired. And I finished feeling like I could do it again, which is exactly what will be required at Ironman Florida, when we do two loops of this exact same length - in the Gulf of Mexico.

6:47AM - Run: 3.7 miles in 36:36 (9:56). Streak 528. Ran with MaryEllen and Arnold, which is really enjoyable. Both are just a pleasure to run with. Did a loop around Franklin Lake, via a short connector trail which MaryEllen showed us. This loop, which is almost exactly three miles long, will prove to be super-useful in the future. Mare and I added a half-mile to the end to coincide with her training plan.

Saturday June 9 - Long Ride
4:46AM - Ride: 49.08 miles in 3:19:38 (segment 1 segment 2). So, here was the deal. I know I need to get some long bike rides in, as I've been neglecting that discipline lately. But I also know I needed to go to Brooklyn too get the power steering pump on my minivan replaced and to hang out with my aunt and uncle who live in Mill Basin. So I did what I had to do. The appointment for the car service was 8am, so I left the house at 4:45am and rode my bike 45 miles to the mechanic.
Segment 1  - the long segment
Having never done any rides to NYC before, I wasn't sure of the route. In a car, I'm an expert. I can drive all over NY without even thinking it. But on a bike, where I can't go on the same highways, and where the preferred routes are those where cars aren't allowed, getting from A to B can be a little more difficult. There were a couple of confusing moments, the biggest one getting from the George to the Hudson River pathway that runs the length of Manhattan and is very popular among cyclists, runners, rollerbladers, etc. I ended up taking an elevator (!!) down to the path.

Once out of Manhattan, my original plan was to head south down 3rd ave and towards a similar path that goes around Brooklyn next to the Belt Parkway. But I was unfortunately running out of time and had to ride straight to the mechanic, in a neighborhood called Rugby which is just south of Crown Heights. Riding in Brooklyn streets, I transitioned from the role of cyclist to target. Lots of cars, all over the place, buses, delivery trucks, pedestrians - really keeps you on your toes. Plus, the traffic lights were whipping me like a rented mule.

I arrived at the mechanic at 7:50am, and waited. The mechanic himself didn't get there until 8:18, and Alex showed up ten minutes later. After we left the car there I rode down to my aunt and uncle's house in Mill Basin (he came in his car to pick up Alex and Joey), clocking in another four miles, bringing my day to 49 total.

9:14AM - Run: 1.11 miles in 10:23 (9:22). Streak 529. Fake zero immediately after the long ride. After a nice cool morning run, by the time this started it started to heat up. Glad to get in a cold shower after this!

Bike: 66.4 miles
Run: 26.3 miles
Swim: 3.3 miles

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