Jun 3, 2012

Weekly Training Summary: May 27-June 2

Yes, I am jumping in on the weekly training summary bandwagon.

Sunday May 27 - race
My first Triathlon! (report coming soon on this one. I know, I know. I still owe you an Umstead report. Sorry.)
6:38AM - Swim: 1/4 mile, ~8 minutes. My first open water swim. Couldn't swim straight. Still, tenth out of the water out of 25.
6:48AM - Bike: ~10K, ~21:00. I crushed this course. Passed four people, and was in sixth place off the bike.
7:10AM - Run: ~5K, 31:38 (9:43). Haven't run a 5K this slow in a while! Just felt sluggish and slow. Running Streak day 516
Again, more detailed report coming soon.

Monday May 28 - rest
This was a rest day for me. Ran a quick mile (in the heat) and then spent a few hours in the pool. Good times.
3:58PM - Run: 1.21 miles, 12:38 (10:27). Streak day 517

Tuesday May 29 - swim
6:00PM - Bike: 2.31 miles, 20:00. YMCA Gym Treadmill, immediately before Masters' Swim workout. Streak day 518.
6:30PM - Swim: 2100 yds, 55:00. Boye Pool. Did a variety of workouts, but finished out with 800 yards continuous.

Wednesday May 30 - Cross Train
12:05PM - Run: 1.03 miles, 9:43. Quick Treadmill Run before Boot Camp. Super-Easy. Streak Day 519.
12:20PM - Bootcamp: 40 minutes. Really glad I went super-easy on the treadmill, because I couldn't see straight after this workout.

Thursday May 31 - Track
5:36AM - Run: 10K Meters, 1:02 (10:03). Indian Hills High School with a few people from the Tri club. 4x1200 w/400 recovery. 1.5 mile warmup and 1 mile cooldown. Streak Day 520.
12:18PM - Powerwalk: 2.56 miles, 39:17 (15:21). Annual "Walk at Work" day at Hertz. Hung out on a powerwalk with some colleagues.

Friday June 1 - Open Water Swim
5:15AM - 800 yards, 20:00. Franklin Lake/ITC. Swam one lap of the tri course. Felt constricted, couldn't breath properly. Decided to bag it after just one because I didn't feel safe. Probably was an overreaction, but I'm not entirely used to open-water swimming yet.
6:41AM - Run: 2.55 miles, 23:04 (9:03). Quick lap to From Market basket to Scioto/Seminole Rd and back. Ran it nice and hard, especially after a slow start - hard enough to call this a tempo run. Streak day 521

Saturday June 2 - Long Swim
4:05PM - Run: 1.3 miles, 13:13 (10:11). Quick run around the pool before jumping in. Streak day 522
4:45PM - Swim: 2500 meters, 1:15. Suffern Village Pool. Actually didn't plan to do this workout, it just worked out (heh) that way. Wasn't even wearing swim shorts, and the board shorts I was wearing was like a parachute. Longest swim ever.

Bike, 6.3 miles. WTF? I gotta focus on the bike more, it's over half the Ironman in terms of total time!
Run: 20.4 miles
Swim: 3.5 miles
Boot Camp: 40 mins

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