Feb 12, 2014

2014 week 6

Random thoughts about my runs and anything else that comes to mind.

 Here's photos of everything I eat: http://instagram.com/stevetursi

Wow, we're already six weeks into the year.

Wed Feb 5
Quite a snowstorm happened overnight, and I stayed home yet again. I'm not sure why I've been unwilling to run in the snow; it's not particularly uncomfortable for me and it certainly is nicer than running in the heat. But still, I go out and I'm just not that much into it. Another fake zero Lonergan loop. With more snow in the forecast, I'm feeling pretty blah about things right now. Slightly-better-than-average food day today.

Thurs Feb 6
Busy day at work, only had about 30 minutes at lunch to get a run in (that includes the shower), so I ran 2.01 miles in 15:59. Happy Birthday Joey! Ten years old today.

Fri Feb 7
Broke another treadmill today
I ran 1.35 miles in 10:30 before it died. It's frankly annoying that the treadmills at the office gym can't handle a 300lb man running 8MPH. I was on pace for another 23:xx 5K, but when the thing stopped on me, my heart just wasn't into it anymore. I walked another 12 minutes on another treadmill at 15%, getting about 500 vert.

Then I ate a salad. Shut up.

Sat/Sun Feb 8/9
On Saturday I got with Ami and Dong and ran four laps at Rockland Lake. It was a bit of a suffer fest for me. Sunday I got with Ami and the tri club and ran 8 miles, giving Ami and I a 20-mile weekend. Felt much better on Sunday. Both days were cold and dry. I like the cold but these teen-temps are getting a little old, even to me. I've got to appreciate them, because they're a lot better than 80 degree runs. But even to me they get old. I would like some of the snow to clear so we have more room to run on the roads. Some shorts/tshirt 40-50 degree runs would be nice too. Whatever. It's the only weather I've got, so I deal with it.

Bowling was better this week. I shot 159-194-192 for a 545 series. Finally.

Mon Feb 10
Alex and I are now committed to a weight loss challenge that we're doing together (Actually the Life Time 90-day challenge) and today is the first day of it. That means a smoothie for breakfast and a smoothie for lunch. That also means we're back in the Monday "Strength Foundations" group exercise class together, which was really good today. Before the class I ran 1.14 miles in the treadmill in ten minutes.

Tue Feb 11
3.31 miles in 30 minutes on the treadmill with the lifetime run group. Today I found out that lifetime as bought the NJ marathon, which is meaningless to me but still interesting. I am also rediscovering superstarch as a great way to train while cutting calories. Without it, I struggle to run ten minutes. With it, I almost feel normal.

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