Mar 5, 2014

2014 Week 9

Random thoughts about my runs and anything else that comes to mind.

 Here's photos of everything I eat:

Weight loss contest update. I am in two weight-loss contests right now.
The work weight loss contest weigh-in was actually back on Feb 20, and my 286 weight was enough to move me from tenth to second place out of 480.. a mere 0.02% behind first place.
Second Place is the First Loser.  You're in my crosshairs, Piff-Looger! (whoever you are)
The gym weight loss contest is also going well. I don't know where I rank nationally (probably not in the top 100), but bodyfat %, which didn't go down at all last week, is down 2% this week. If the bioelectric impedance fat-measurement device is accurate (a VERY big if) then my bodyfat percentage has gone down 4.4% in four weeks - over 21 lbs of fat lost.

Wednesday Feb 26
At lunchtime, I set the treadmill with a "calories goal" (as opposed to a mileage or time goal), punched in 500 and my age and weight, and let 'er rip. Stopped me when it thought I reached 500 calories, which was 21 minutes and 2.3 miles. Then I did a few sets of bench press. After work, I returned to the gym to take a 50/50 class, which was really hard!

Thursday Feb 27
Cracked 280 this morning - scale read 279.6, after reading 281.6 yesterday. I love to see that kind of momentum, particularly after seeing 285 way back on the 17th, but then 3 days til 284, another 3 days til 283, and 2 days til 282 - 3 lbs in 7 days which is OK (I guess) but won't win any contests nor outlast my patience. In contrast, as of today I've lost 3.2lbs in 2 days and seeing the chart stop to drop off like that is really encouraging. Hopefully it lasts more than a couple of days before the next plateau.

Every multiple of 10 (290, 280, 270) is a huge milestone and serves as a resolution to my determination. But getting into the 250s will be particularly meaningful to me. 259 in particular is the threshold where my BMI drops below 30 - the obese/overweight line. (Yes, I know about your arguments against BMI.)

Saturday Morning
Saddle River Run
Friday Feb 28
1.6 mile Lonergan Loop Fake Zero. Rest day.

Saturday Mar 1
Met up with Dan and Ami at Saddle River County Park (the northern end of this is colloquially called the "Duck Pond", but we didn't meet there) and ran 15 miles up and down and around a bit. Great run on basically zero calories. I was really starved for energy by the end, so I mark this as a great "force that adaptation" run.

Sunday Mar 2
Snowstorm looming (actually at the time of this writing - pre-storm - it looks like it'll pass us to the south and basically be a bust up here), and with Joey not quite feeling well enough for church, I stayed home and did the 1.6 mile Lonergan Loop fake zero again.

Got swept in bowling (no longer in first place), where I shot a dismal 134 followed by meh 165 and 166 for a 465 series.

Monday March 3
Treadmill. Decent 40-minute run where I ran 4.57 miles. Weighed myself before and after this run, and lost two lbs. That's two pints - a quart of sweat - a Big Gulp (yuck) - in 40 minutes. In normal indoor temps.

Tuesday March 4
Weight this morning was 279.4 despite disciplined eating and training! F-ing plateaus. Running with the Lifetime Club (kind of), I had to cut it short to run errands. 3.45 treadmill miles in 30:00.

Continuation of graph from above to Wednesday Morning. F you, plateau.

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