Jun 10, 2014

2014 Week 23

My Spartan Team
Wednesday June 4
Two-a-Day today. Ran early morning while it was cool and super-humid. A nice new three-mile loop generally downhill then generally uphill. 200+ feet of gain. Then I ran with Ami at lunch from work when it was warmer but not nearly as humid. We walked the last part of it. Morning run was 3.24 miles in 33:25 (10:20), afternoon was 4.27 miles in 46:35 (10:55).
New three mile loop from home
Thursday June 5
Awesome lunchtime run with Ami, where we did 6.06 hilly miles in 56:59 (9:25). 650' of gain on this one.

Friday June 6
Fast run with NGS. We blew up and walked the last mile or so. Some amazing splits but we paid for them. 4.56 miles in 44:35 (9:47).
Mile 2 is generally downhill, but mile 3 is uphill.
Saturday June 7
Spartan Race today! I knew I wouldn't get a continuous mile at Spartan, so I ran a home fake zero loop in the morning before the race. 1.43 miles in 13:46 (9:38). Then, at Spartan Race we covered something like 5 miles. I did well where the course suited me - no problem walking up and down that mountain (which we did 6-7 times) - and spent quite a bit of time waiting at the top of hills for my friends. I never even got tired. But my fitness is lopsided and many of the obstacles I was unable to complete at all, fresh or otherwise - just not strong enough - and got through them only with the help of my teammates - or by taking the 30 burpees option. As a team our time was 3:15 - 38:57/mile.

Here is a video of the race which shows every obstacle we encountered.

Sunday June 8
Met up super-early (5am) with Ami and NGS for some loops around Rockland Lake. 6 of them, with some side trips, getting us 20.3 miles in 4:30:15 (13:17). We ran half of it and walked half of it. Maintained most of our walking under 15 minutes per mile.

Monday June 9
Another two-a-day of sorts. Ran an easy lunchtime 3.61 miles in 43:46 (12:08), followed by an evening hash with Joey. Plenty of shiggy on this trail, and Joey loved it. That was 4.38 miles in 1:39:04 (22:38). That time includes the beer check.

Tuesday June 10
56 miles in last 7 days! Wow! Took a rest day. Ran a fake zero late in the afternoon - and it was warm and humid again. 1.19 miles in 11:30 (9:40).

Streak update: 1260 days - 3yr, 5mo, 13d. And I've run 5454 miles in it - that's an average of 4.3 miles per day.

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