Jun 19, 2014

2014 Week 24

AHHH! I lost my garmin. It's in my house.. somewhere.

.... I think.

Wednesday June 11, Thursday June 12, Friday June 13
All three of these days I was in a conference in NYC, so all three of these days I woke up early to run a fake zero before heading into town. Each run was the same short loop at home, which is about 1.2 miles. My times were 13:06, 11:20, and 11:55.

Saturday June 14
Saturday Long Run
Making up for my 3 consecutive fake zero days, Ami and I headed to Rockefeller State Park (meeting up with Tony Wayne and Aaron for the first few miles) where we ran and walked over 27 miles in 6:19 (13:52). This is a rare longer-than-a-marathon training run for me, and had about 3500' of gain.

Sunday June 15
Recovery fake zero - long fake zero loop (hill) at my house. 1.4 miles in 14:33 (10:11).

Monday June 16
Easy lunchtime loop at work with Ami. 3.68 miles in 39:18 (10:41).

Tuesday June 17
Hot and humid day forecast - My plan was to wake up early and run 5-10 miles before work. What ended up happening was I slept in and ran my long fake zero loop. 1.4 in 14:13 (10:10).

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