Jun 26, 2014

2014 Week 25

The Boss awarded me this prize for winning at bowling

Still haven't found my garmin. :(
(Update Thursday June 26 - I found my garmin!!)

Wednesday June 18
Another hot day - and again slept in (not sure why.) Went to the fitness palace at lunch, which is air conditioned. Got on the treadmill and ran 5 miles in 39:32 (7:55).

Thursday June 19
Lunchtime run with Ami. We ran all of Leach, very bottom to very top. 3.73 in 34:20 (9:13).

Friday June 20
Another lunchtime run with Ami. This time we split it evenly between a run and an organized walk at work. Found out the course, and then ran it in reverse (at a very fast pace) until we met up with the walkers, then walked back (the way we came) with them. Overall, 3.71 mi in 44:01 (11:52).

Saturday June 21
Long run with Ami, Tony and Wayne. Went back to Rockefeller and ran what is probably my longest pure training run ever. Just about 50K, and we ran most of it, especially in the first marathon. 30.93mi with 4000+' of gain in 6:40:59 (12:58).

Saturday run
Sunday June 22
Overate on Saturday afternoon (and Sunday morning) so by the time I got to this treadmill run at 3pm I was really slogging. Yesterday's 50K didn't help. 1.11 treadmill mi in 11:00 (9:55).

Monday June 23
Lazy day for me - at work and later at home. Finally got out of the house at 8:30pm, feeling crappy, and ran the longer fake zero loop at home. 1.43mi in 14:03 (9:50). Had a team-building bowling event at work today, where I shot 191-202, leading my team to a first-place victory. Then, in the afternoon, in the annual Hertz Connect 4 tournament, I played my first three rounds (it has been going on for a couple of weeks but I hadn't played yet, and three opponents were waiting for either me or whoever beat me.) I won all three, and just like that I was the first person in the final four. Woo!

Tuesday June 24
Lunchtime Alberon-West Park-Leach Loop with Ami. Walked up the hills. 3.51mi in 36:56 (10:32).

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